Sunday, June 1, 2014

Softball Trophy Night

May 19th was trophy night for softball.  We had the 6:30 game so our game ended early but we did get to play two innings and ended the night with a tie game.  Emma only got one at bat but everything came together in that one at bat; her elbow was up and when she swung at the ball, her arms were extended and she hit it hard right down the third base line.  If they had cut the grass recently, it easily would have gone into the outfield.

After the game, all the teams gathered on the field and the coaches from each team called up one at a time to present trophies to the girls.  In addition to the trophy, they also got a ticket for an ice cream from the ice cream truck, which was almost just as good to some of them.  Our last game was the 21st and with all the rain outs, we only played 9 out of 16 on the schedule.  Unfortunately Emma missed one due to her dance recital rehearsal but she really enjoyed softball and has already talked about playing again next year.

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