Sunday, June 1, 2014

Strawberry Picking

Emma's friend Ana invited us to go pick strawberries in early May.  Since Josh doesn't care for strawberries, we left him home with Brad.  The woman that was in charge of directing us where to go is quite stern and made sure we knew what row to pick from and not to deviate from that row.  We ended up needing to do two rows and when Emma wanted a third, she basically informed us that we had had enough.  Emma also asked her how they keep the birds and animals away since she is curious about everything but got a less than satisfactory answer.  Despite of the non-people person strawberry lady, Emma loved, loved, loved picking strawberries and had her fair share to eat while picking, on the drive home and when we got home.  We used some for a strawberry pie, which was a huge hit for three out of four in the house.  I think we'll definitely be going again next year.

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