Sunday, June 1, 2014

Last T-Ball Game May 22nd

Josh had his last t-ball game on May 22nd.  His first at bat, Josh got all of the ball and hit a fly ball into left field.  There was a lot of chatter among the parents with that hit and he had a proud Daddy for sure.  After the game, Coach Adam and Coach Mitchell recognized Josh in front of the team and gave him his trophy since he was going to miss the team party the following week.  Josh would seriously carry his trophy with him everywhere he goes if we let him but thankfully I think he realizes now that it is better to leave it on his dresser where it is safe.  It was a really great season and hopefully we can be on Coach Adam's team again next year.  In addition to having great coaches, Josh got to know at least five boys that will be in school with him next year so hopefully that will help come August.  Josh is excited that he gets to wear his Pirates cap now that the season is over.

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