Sunday, June 1, 2014

T-Ball May 10th

The Pirates had the Braves on the schedule May 10th and let's just say that one team showed up to play and it wasn't the Braves.  I think they had about 7 boys to start the game and number 8 came running in while they were batting.  Those 8 players took forever to bat.  The Pirates have them lined up and ready to go but this team was just a mess.  We were glad to have that game over for sure.  Josh played well and got to be the last batter in the final inning.  He had a great hit, which of course I missed on video but I did get him running all the bases at least.  I have been impressed with how well he plays whatever position he is given. Unlike a lot of the boys his age that just run wherever the ball goes on the field, Josh understands the area that he is supposed to cover and doesn't take off like a mad man.  

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