Thursday, April 21, 2016

Christmas Day

Josh woke around 5 am thanks to his fever and had a dose of Tylenol.  Fortunately, by the time they both woke up a couple of hours later, he was feeling good enough to at least enjoy a little bit of Christmas morning.  They were so excited to go out and see if Santa had arrived.  From the back of the house, we heard the quote of the day from Josh, "Tape, I got tape."  Not only did Santa eat his cookies and give the carrots to the reindeer but he left a note that included one final Christmas surprise.  Like last year, he allowed Doodle to stay for the opening of presents and said that the kids could hug him before they went to bed.

Before we started on the presents under the tree, we started breakfast and I made a quick run to Walgreen's since we were out of the flavor of Tylenol that Josh tolerates.  When I got back, we ate a bit and then it was on to presents.  We all were obviously very good last year.  By the time that was over, Josh played a bit and used up the last of his reserves so he hightailed it to the couch.  Poor guy had two more days to endure but it was clear when he finally felt better the following Monday when he got up and asked Brad where his paper and tape were.    

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