Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Disney Day 4 - Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios

On Day 4, we started the day at Animal Kingdom.  I had heard that this was 1/2 adventure at most but Emma and Josh loved it and we basically spent the entire day there.  They really enjoyed being Wilderness Explorers and getting their badges.  I wish I had known about this from the start but I was in a hurry to get tot he Kilimanjaro Safari.  Josh said this was his favorite ride of the day.  We had a great driver and got to see lots of animals including baby giraffes.  We explored the Pangani Forest before heading to the Kali River Rapids.  As we watched people coming off completely soaked, Brad said "you did this to us".  Somehow, Brad and Emma managed to stay fairly dry while Josh and I walked away with shorts totally soaked.  Thankfully the weather was good so we weren't freezing.  Did I note, we were wearing shorts in November?  Before lunch, we stopped to meet King Louie and Baloo.

Lunch was at the Tusker House Grill.  I will say that this was my favorite food and such a fun dining experience.  We met Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy.  Daisy was quite elusive for some reason so this was our first time meeting her and Emma had been waiting.  In the kids buffet were drumsticks, which both kids devoured.  Our next ride was DINOSAUR.  I think Josh closed his eyes the entire ride and then we went to Tricera Top Spin.  The group that got on before us loaded up and then the skies opened up.  Since several wanted to get off the ride, this increased the wait time (we were under an awning) and by the time we rode, it was no longer raining.  The seats were wet but again, we dried off quickly.  We split up after going by the Boneyard so that Emma could meet Pocahontas and Josh could meet Tarzan.  We met back up for a meet and greet with Russell and Dug and then off to It's Tough to be a Bug, which was a sight, sound, touch and smell adventure.

From Animal Kingdom, we went back to Hollywood Studios to see Fantasmic since we missed it the first night.  We got there early and sat for about an hour.  At that point, I was glad to be off my feet for a bit.  The show was amazing and being back at Hollywood Studios gave Josh the opportunity to ride Star Tours two more times and to build his own light saber.  Day 4 done!

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