Thursday, April 21, 2016

Christmas Eve

Twas the night before Christmas Eve and Josh had basketball practice.  Before we left, he told me that he had a headache but he was running around the house and acting normal so I thought nothing of it.  Towards the end of practice, I could tell that he was running out of steam, which is totally out of character.  When he came over at the end, he told me he still had a headache and on the way to the car, I felt his head and he was hot.  Oops!  Hope we didn't pass anything along.  On Christmas Eve, he woke up feeling as bad and ran a high fever all day that was only kept at bay with Tylenol.  As a result, Christmas Eve was even more low key than usual and we did not get any sugar cookie cutouts done.  Emma did whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  Based upon her success, I told her that she is now in charge of cookies.  Before Brad and Emma headed off to Christmas Eve service at Grace, Josh did feel okay enough for them to go out and spread their reindeer food.  I got Josh to bed and had a little quiet time before the rest of our crew returned.  Emma came in and got the cookies, carrots and note ready for a visit from Santa.  Then Josh woke up and was able to hear "Twas the Night Before Christmas" read by Emma before the kids headed off to and back to bed.  Although Emma proclaimed that she would never be able to get to sleep, she was out like a light within minutes.

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