Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Helping Out!

As I mentioned in a previous post, Emma has become quite the little helper. She especially enjoys handing me clothes to put in the washing machine and then putting them in the dryer once they have been washed. Her help keeps her from messing with the lint tray and trying to constantly close the dryer door so that is also good for me.

This weekend we started moving some boxes over to the new house (barely scratch the surface though). On Saturday, Emma watched as Brad took boxes into the office and stacked them against the wall. There was one box, which was just the right size for Emma so we let her carry it in and she took it right over to the stacks Brad had already made and put it right on top. It actually belonged in the kitchen but I didn't have the heart to move it at that point. We did get her to carry in one box on Sunday but she was much more interested in running around in the backyard that day. The box sort of got dumped in the middle of the office. I picked it up and put it with the other boxes but must have put it in the wrong place because she marched on over, picked it up, and moved it to another stack. She is a great little helper!


MaryBeth said...

Looks like you've got a great little helper on your hands. From the box story I can sense you've got years of "I do it my way" up ahead.

Grandma Kate said...

Don't ever let on that helping is a chore! She is such a character, and I love hearing about her antics.