Friday, February 27, 2009

15 Month Update

Emma had a great appointment yesterday other than the having to get her weight, height, shots, and anything else that involved laying down on the examining table. She has no problem with the doctor listening to her lungs and heart and checking her ears as long as she is being held but lay her down and she is not a happy girl. Only two shots yesterday due to the fact that there is a national shortage on the HIB vaccine. If we are lucky, the shortage will remain until she is old enough not to need it anymore. Other than that, she has to get one more HepA vaccine and then she is done until four years old. Yeah! Emma continues to follow her growth curve; she is now 30 1/4 inches long (50th percentile) and 21 lbs 7 oz (25th percentile). She still doesn't have too many words, dada, bye, uh oh, mama, and turtle and then the first part of duck, ball, dog, doll. She also says something that is akin to thank you and I swear she said pancake the other morning. She may not be very verbal yet (at least in words that we understand) but Emma understands a lot. Our doctor said she was right on track and that by 18 months, she will probably just be exploding with words. We asked about peanut butter and were given the green light to give it a try near 18 months. When we got home from the doctor's office, Brad took Emma out back where we have some daffodils blooming to try and get some photos. Of course, it was like trying to heard cattle and while we also had some pretty little purple bulbs blooming (that I didn't get a chance to identify), those were all pulled apart. Hopefully there will be more to come. Without further adieu, here are some photos of Emma at 15 months old.