Monday, February 9, 2009

More Moving

Well, we spent more time this weekend packing and moving although I guess that I should say that while I did do some packing, all the moving was on Brad's end. I got to play with Emma while Brad did all the hard work. Since the weather was so nice this weekend, we spent some time running around outside, which involved a lot of me running after Emma to keep her from going into the street. She tried many fakes to get by me but I am still faster. Her greatest joy of being outside is when people walking their dogs pass by. She tries to run over to the dog, waves to the dog, and blows kisses to the dog. She loves them but daddy is not budging on this issue. Maybe one of these days, we will wear him down. More photos of Emma G. soon I promise. Happy Monday to all!

1 comment:

Linda Alyce said...

Give in already Big Bad Brad. Your little girl wants a dog.