Monday, February 16, 2009

Just Me and My Shadow

Emma discovered her shadow while we were outside on Saturday and she was terrified. It was one of those situations where you really want to laugh but you couldn't because she was really very scared. She would initially try to back away but when the shadow came with her, she would stop, whimper, and put her arms up so that either Brad and I would come save her. The thing is that she doesn't mind other shadows; just her own. All day and evening Saturday, she would halt dead in her tracks when she came across her shadow. Yesterday and today have been a little better; she is still wary but will keep going with whatever task she has in mind. I hope that she can learn to live peacefully with her shadow soon. Meanwhile, the moving is still underway. We had our new refrigerator delivered today and it doesn't fit. We are just going to need somebody to cut off a bit of the granite counter and we will be good to go. Otherwise, the truck is reserved for Saturday to move all the furniture. The end is in sight!

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MaryBeth said...

Gotta love the little snafus that creep up during a move, like the fridge not fitting! May that be the only one this time around.

Hope Emma makes peace with her shadow real soon... that is so funny!!