Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Weekend

Emma helped me carve her first pumpkin this year to kick off the weekend. I finally convinced her to stick her hand into the pumpkin and pull out some of the pumpkin "guts" but let me tell you, it took some convincing and after she did it once, she had enough and the job was all mine again. She kept asking what we thought was in the pumpkin and would follow it up with "Candy?". Sorry Emma, no candy in the pumpkin! I tried to carve it to look like the pumpkin on her Halloween pajamas and did a so-so job; you'll have to take my word for it because we didn't take a side-by-side photo. Emma was really interested in the whole pumpkin carving experience, which led me to say "I need you to stay back while I have the knife" approximately 1000 times. I think her favorite part of the experience was taking off the top and putting it back on, taking off the top and putting it back on...you get the picture.

Saturday afternoon, we headed over to Trunk-or-Treat at our church. Emma had a great time going from trunk to trunk collecting her loot and came away with a bucketful. She also participated in the cake walk, pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern and the bucket toss. Josh managed to get a couple of pieces of candy for Mom and Dad. At one trunk, they held out the bucket for him to select a piece of candy. There was a wide assortment of candy and out of that, Josh managed to choose the one thing that he absolutely cannot have, peanut M&M's, since we haven't yet introduced peanut products. He was happy as a clam just to hold onto the package though.

On Sunday night, we trick-or-treated at a couple of houses nearby and then took Emma and Josh over to our friends, Rita and Win's house. On the way home, we hit one more house but between the candy Emma got at school and Trunk-or-Treat, we didn't need to trick-or-treat at any more. I made the mistake of telling Emma that we only go to houses with lights on so on the way to Rita and Win's, she kept pointing out the houses with their lights on and telling us we could go there. I have a feeling that we won't be able to get away with only four houses next year. It was a busy Halloween weekend but at least we got some mileage out of the costumes this year.


MaryBeth said...

Scott and I ended up gutting and carving 6 pumpkins between the two of us so that each one of the girls had her very own. Like Miss Emma none of them wanted to get their little hands dirty in the process. I'm thinking next year it will be mandatory for them to at least scoop out all the guts before I'm willing to help carve!

Love the costumes! Emma and Josh make quite a cute little Disney pair!!

Grandma said...

Really cute costumes. Looks and sounds like Emma had a ball with all the festivities. Wait until next year with Josh getting into the "treat or treat" fun. Four houses will not be enough for those two.