Monday, November 29, 2010

Josh is 15 Months Old

Josh turned 15 months old yesterday! I was looking back at Emma's 15 month update and here is what I wrote about her verbal skills (hard to believe listening to her now):

"She still doesn't have too many words, dada, bye, uh oh, mama, and turtle and then the first part of duck, ball, dog, doll. She also says something that is akin to thank you and I swear she said pancake the other morning. She may not be very verbal yet (at least in words that we understand) but Emma understands a lot."

This is pretty similar to where Josh is right now. He definitely has mama, dada, Emma, bye by, uh-oh and hello. He also has started saying "What's that?" a lot and it is definitely recognizable because his teachers have mentioned it. There is also a smattering of other words that we will hear once and then not again but I know they are coming. The past couple of weeks or so, he'll reel off a string of sounds and in his own mind, he is having a nice little conversation with us. Josh can also sign "more" and "all done". He also knows where his head and eyes are and we're starting to work on nose. He can point out a few different animals in pictures and loves to say "woof" like a dog. When prompted, he also makes a very good monkey!

At the beginning of November, Josh moved up into the Freshman class at daycare and has done great. With that, the transition to one nap per day is complete and his one nap a day is generally as long as the two he used to take combined. It is nice though since it frees up more time without having to work around two naps. Josh really enjoys all the new toys, crafts and fun that they get to have in the Freshman class. Every one of his daily reports have been marked as either happy and active or content and active. I think Emma likes that he is in the new class as well because she can check up on him more often.

Overall, Josh continues to be a happy little guy who is always looking for trouble as noted in an earlier post. He'll look at you, look at what he wants to do, look at you again, smile big and then go about his mischief knowing full well that he is doing wrong. He also has the makings of the class clown so we'll see where that takes him. He still loves his sister and is definitely starting to develop in his role as the little brother. For all of you with little brothers, you know what I am talking about!

Over the last week or two, Josh has added four more teeth. Three of them have barely broken through the gums but they are there bringing the grand total to 12! Both Emma and Josh are going in for check-ups on Wednesday so I'll have all the official stats at that point. I've also got an update to the interview that I did with Emma at 2 1/2 years old coming soon so check back.

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