Monday, November 22, 2010

Karate Kids Party

I blinked and more than two weeks passed without a post. But seriously, how is it almost the end of November already? It seems like it was just August and 1000+ degrees. Seems like the birthdays come in bunches. Two weeks ago, Emma was invited to a birthday party for her friends Beckett and Logan at a karate studio, then we had her party last weekend, and in two weeks, BFF Libby will be having a birthday party. Emma loves a good party and at least so far, Josh doesn't have a busy social calendar...yet! First I'll give you an update on Beckett and Logan's party with a recap of Emma's to come shortly.

The party took place at the ATA Karate Studio where Logan takes classes; apparently he is one belt away from a black belt so I am definitely not going to be messing with him. Master Smith led the birthday party. First, the kids had to stand on their dots and then Logan got to choose the different moves. Emma really enjoyed the punch, punch, kick, kick and is still doing it. I have to say though, she punches and kicks like a girl but then, she did have to wear a flower in her hair so it shouldn't have been a surprise!

They then got to line up and take turns doing side kicks on the bag and then rounded things out with an obstacle course.

While Emma does punch and kick like a girl, she did a great job on the obstacle course.

I think she also loved the fact that there were mirrors all around so she could look at herself. This is the little girl who a couple of weeks ago had to stand up on her bed to look at herself in the mirror before she went to sleep to "...see how cute I am". After the "class", the kids all received their official Karate Kids, head band, which Emma quickly tried to use as a choker and then a belt.

It was definitely a fun time!

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Grandma said...

Another great birthday theme. What fun!!