Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ready for Summer!

We finished up with swim lessons last week. All the games and activities that they had done in Emma's class finally made sense to me as I watched her using a swim stroke with her legs stretched out back behind her. Emma definitely made some great strides and hopefully we can keep moving forward throughout the summer. As for Josh, the boy we couldn't get into the water at the first lesson, we couldn't hardly keep out of the water before his class last Saturday. If their had been an award for most changed, he would have had it hands down. Both Emma and Josh did great and I know they are going to have lots of fun in the pool this summer. Here are some photos from our last swim lesson.

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Grandma said...

I was so pleased to be in Little Rock for one of Josh's and Emma's swim lessons. Emma attacks every new skill with gusto and a sense of purpose. No doubt she will be swimming great by summer's end. It was hard to believe Josh hated his first lesson as I witnessed a little boy who was having a ball. He couldn't wait to get in the water, and laughed and giggled throughout his lesson. Way to go Josh.