Friday, April 1, 2011

Spoke too Soon!

As they are wont to do, Josh had to prove me wrong. While I noted in his 19 month post that he is picking up words here and there but not really using them consistently, there has been a change in the air this week. It seems to me that another lightbulb has gone on and Josh is trying more and more to repeat words that he hears. He is also using his words new and old more and more to point out things that he sees or things that he needs like a spoon to eat his bowl of cereal. He is definitely making a better effort to communicate and clearly has lots of words stored up in that head that he has just been waiting to use. Last night I asked him to close the dishwasher and he said "OK." At bedtime, I asked if he wanted a book so he said book and then said Bible since that is by far his favorite book. Like everything else, Josh is just picking his time but I think we're going to start hearing more and more actual words from here on out.

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