Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sickness and Silliness

We have had a sick little girl on our hands this week. It started Sunday morning with a low grade fever so we left her home from church with Grandma who was visiting. By the time we got back, her entire body was burning up and at one point in the afternoon, her temperature essentially reached 105 degrees. After a fairly restful night, she was back to normal Monday morning only to have the fever come back throughout the day. Brad made a doctor's appointment for her where they ruled out strep and chalked it up to a fever virus that has been going around. Bad news is that it can last up to 4-5 days. We've been through three and I'm hoping that things will turn around today. Other than Sunday, you wouldn't really know she had a fever since she won't sit still long enough to realize that she is sick. Unfortunately she also had to miss picture day at school yesterday but insisted I get a photo of her and Baby Lily Honey Chip Bear Clipper Bubba; don't you love that name?

On an unrelated note, Josh just kills me sometimes because he is so silly. Yesterday afternoon, Emma was giving me her scary face. Josh saw it and had to try to "scare" me as well. Here is the best attempt to photograph his scary face.

As I noted previously, it has been a struggle recently to get Josh to eat veggies or even food in general. It seems we found the culprit. His bottom right canine finally popped the other day and just like that, he wanted to eat again...veggies and all! It was a modern day miracle!

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MaryBeth said...

Hope Ms. Emma is better very soon! I can't get over how big/ grown up Josh looks in those pictures!!