Tuesday, June 28, 2011

22 Months

Josh is 22 months old today and an opinionated 22 months at that. The little guy definitely knows what he wants and doesn't and want and isn't afraid to let you know even if it means laying on the floor crying in protest. I don't know if Josh feels like a big boy now that he no longer uses a pacifier but lately, he does not want to sit in his booster seat at the table but if you do manage to get him in his seat, DON'T even think about trying to strap him in. While I recognize that he does want to be big like his sister, I would much rather still have him strapped in since he likes to try and stand or come over and sit on my lap during meals.

Just recently, Josh has also become quite the jumper. I think he must have jumped off the brick wall along our driveway at least 10 times in a few minutes last Sunday and then at the pool, he had no fear and would jump in whether you were ready or not. He was having the biggest time jumping in and certainly is a lot more brave than his big sister who won't jump from the side at all. Funny that this is the same boy who cried so much during his first swim lesson that we didn't even stay.

The words just keep coming and Josh is likely to repeat everything and anything. The other night at dinner, I told him to chill out and he immediately repeated "chill." I am definitely loving the fact that he can communicate his wants better although there is still a fair amount of just yelling to get what he wants. We're working on that! If he does something silly or has something to show us, Josh will say "Look at me." I wonder where he learned that one from!

I think that Josh just keeps getting funnier by the day. The thing is that he knows he is funny so he does stuff purposely to make you laugh. The assortment of faces he makes is amazing. In addition to trying to make us laugh, Josh loves to play the guitar. I think he is more interested in the guitar at this point than Emma and it doesn't even have to be a real guitar. Josh will pick up a necklace that Emma has with a little wooden guitar on it and act like he is playing that. He has found that playing with a pick is even better because everything is a little bit louder. By far, his favorite song to play and sing is "Jesus Loves Me." He definitely has enough words and the tune to make it clear what he is singing. Josh will also try to sing along with Emma to the "ABC's" and "I Am Jesus Little Lamb."

I would say, however, that as much as Josh loves to play the guitar, his favorite past time hands down is playing ball. I think he could thrown and chase a ball all day long if time permitted. He is making efforts to try and catch when we throw a ball back to him and beware, if you take him outside at all, he is probably going to grab the basketball and then position himself under the hoop until you pick him up and he can make a basket.

Our little toddler is turning more and more into a little boy. Gone is the toddler gait while he walks or runs although you really should see him running; he is like a little Tigger. Josh is also starting to lose some of that precious little baby fat especially in the face. He is definitely making huge leaps forward and I'll just put in my request and say that if he wants to get interested in potty training, I'm all for it! Happy 22 months Josh! How can it possibly be that you will be 2 years old in only two more months?


MaryBeth said...

He's adorable... just like his big sis!!

Grandma said...

Josh changes so much by the month. What joy and laughter Emma and Josh bring into your lives. I look forward to seeing him sing and play the guitar.