Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Look at Your Two Kids and a Couple of Stories!

Last week while I was out of town, Brad implored Emma to entertain Josh while he prepared dinner. After Emma calling out, "Daddy, come look at your two kids," this is what he found. Seriously, how cute are they? Emma had pulled Josh into her lap and was "reading" him some stories.

The other night while I was making dinner, Emma and Josh were busy playing and having a great time. At one point, I heard a door shut. Once I finally had a chance, I headed back to open the door and make sure they weren't up to any trouble. I opened Josh's door to find him with a bare bottom and Emma in the process of stuffing a diaper into the diaper pail. She had taken it upon herself to change his diaper. She had even gotten out the diaper cream and spread some on. I will give her credit for not putting on too much and making a huge mess. At this point, I took over and put a new diaper on Josh but in hindsight, I kind of wish I had been a couple of minutes later just to see how she would have done.

On the same night, after dinner, Emma and Josh resumed playing and Emma was getting Josh to go "night night" in her bed. She went through the whole routine including their nighttime prayer and an admonition not to make any trips; more proof that she does hear us even if the follow through is lacking. Josh was more than happy to play along and get tucked into Emma's bed. At one point, I stopped as I was walking by and Josh looked at me and said "Night night Mommy" before laying his head back down on the pillow. I think he is angling for a big boy bed!

Josh and I were killing time at Walgreen's while Emma was at the dentist the other day and he got such a kick out of looking at the baby in the overhead mirrors. I had to remind him several times that said baby was actually him. He was also excited to see his Mama up there.

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