Tuesday, June 21, 2011

5 Things About Emma + 5 Just for Fun

1. Has a flair for the dramatic. A couple of weeks ago, Josh stayed home with a fever due to ear infection. When one of her teachers asked where Josh was, Emma replied "It's really very sad."

2. On the same occasion as above, Emma impressed her teachers by correctly telling them what street she lives on. When they expressed amazement, she responded "It's an easy state to remember."

3. Is really paying attention to her Bible stories and even made Brad pull out the Bible to check after she told us that God told him to go to Nineveh but he started out to Tarshish instead. We both knew he was supposed to go to Nineveh but neither of us would have been able to tell you, Jonah really started for Tarshish.

4. Refers to antibacterial hand sanitizer as "magic soap."

5. Is bound and determined to swim by herself and thinks she can do it. I'll give her credit though because she did try one day and each time, even though she started going under water, she tried again. However, we have to watch closely because she will try to ditch the swim belt without warning anybody.

6. Is a great Mommy to her babies and has mastered the art of diapering.

7. Has become really brave about trying new foods, which I will attribute to the influence of her friends. While she doesn't like 90% of what she tries, at least she is trying it.

8. Loves, loves, loves Amelia Bedilia, Eloise, and Fancy Nancy books.

9. Sometimes makes me forget she is 3 after she says things like "Looks like there is some weather coming in" following the tone alert notice on the radio.

10. Has mastered the art of procrastination at bedtime, which often times gets her into hot water.

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