Friday, June 17, 2011

5 Things about Josh

1. Officially pacifier-free as of last Friday. No more "ashi" for Josh. The transition went fairly smoothly and he hasn't even missed it at nap time. However, it hasn't all been sunshine and roses as we did have several nights of crying himself to sleep along with some early wake-ups but I'm hoping we're just about over the worst of it!

2. Loves to play the guitar, any guitar, just give him a guitar already! He has clearly been watching Mr. Nathan at school as closely as Emma because he has got the idea and many times won't play unless he has a pick in hand.

3. No longer refers to Brad and myself as "Dada" and "Mama"; we are now "Daddy" and "Mommy."

4. Josh is so loud. Seriously, before he arrived I thought Emma was loud but turns out, not so much. I guess maybe he feels it is the only way to get a word in. He seems especially loud at 4:45 in the morning when he is in his room yelling for "Mommy." I do wonder how Emma continues to sleep most mornings after Josh wakes for the day.

5. Loves him some donuts (and really any sweet treat). We made a Starbucks run the other morning and as soon as we entered the parking lot, Josh started yelling "Donut" and "I want donut." He did not get a donut but we did hear about donut's basically the rest of the way to daycare.

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Grandma said...

In that picture, Josh looks like he rules the roost! Look forward to seeing him with the guitar.