Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Maybe I am the last blogger out there to post about Father's Day but maybe not! We had a great, relaxing Father's Day including lunch out where we had the funniest albeit most polite waiter. I think he ended every single sentence with "sure sure." After a nap for Josh and rest time for Emma, we headed down to the pool where we spent a good amount of time cooling off from the heat. Even better was the fact that there weren't many people there. Before dinner, we tried to get a few photos of Brad, Emma and Josh but like always, it was more like trying to herd cats. We hope you had a great day Brad!

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Grandma said...

Oh, how I remember how difficult it is to get two little ones to pose and smile for the camera at the same time. Brad looks so happy on his special day with his two special children.