Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Day

Brad and I got an early Christmas gift when both Emma and Josh slept in until shortly after seven. Emma was the first to rise and rather than heading to our room like usual, we heard her running out towards the living room (right past the presents from Santa mind you). Brad and I got up expecting to see her by the fireplace but no Emma. Brad then noticed her over by the Christmas tree. When she saw us, she said "He didn't come. Santa didn't come." Apparently Santa was supposed to leave the presents under the tree so Emma didn't even look anywhere else. When we pointed out the gifts by the fireplace, she was relieved but still a little upset with Santa.

Santa brought Emma some new books and a diaper bag for her babies. About this point, Josh decided to join the party and was excited that Santa had brought him books and more cars. Santa also brought some new train tracks for both kids. Santa did not do so well with the stockings, which contained some silly socks (that Emma usually loves), M&M's and goldfish crackers. These things apparently were not good gifts. Poor Santa may just boycott our house next year. After a good breakfast, we headed off to church. Let me just say that Emma and Josh were so patient on Christmas day since there were still lots of presents calling their name under the tree.

After church, we had a quick lunch before sending Josh off for a nap and Emma off for a rest so still no presents. Finally though, Josh woke from his nap and it was go time. They were so excited about everything but we did manage to slow them down a bit when they would get occupied with something new. Josh got lots of new trucks, some animals and some blocks. We may need to add on to the house in order to have enough storage for Josh's trucks. Emma was in Strawberry Shortcake and Barbie heaven. She also got some new stuff to take care of her babies including a pack-n-play, play mat and bouncy chair and her own electronic game system. Brad and I did pretty well ourselves and it was definitely an Arizona Wildcat Christmas for me; Bear Down!

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