Monday, January 16, 2012

Cole Camp Part II

On Sunday morning, we headed off to church to test out Josh's New Year's resolution to whisper and be more quiet. Let's just say that his resolution hasn't gone so well. Of course, I guess it was more my resolution for him. We had an offer to take Josh out to Brad's friend Diane's house in the afternoon so he could see and ride on a tractor. Unfortunately, his nap didn't start on the schedule I hoped so we weren't able to get out there before they had to leave. While Josh was napping, Brad and Papa took Emma down to the playground at the Lutheran school where she had a blast. I was told she is even getting the hang of pumping her legs to power herself on the swing. I am going to have to see this soon. After Josh woke up, Uncle Chris's took us over to his parents house to see the miniature horses, miniature donkey, chickens and pigs. Josh was terrified of the horses of course and clung to me for dear life. Once we got into the barn and they were on the other side of the fence, they weren't so scary. Emma sat on one for a short time and Chris was able to put Josh on for about 0.2 seconds. Shortly thereafter, Emma was attacked by a chicken. Bailey started chasing the chickens so one went running by Emma and kind of flew up real close to her flapping it's wings. She immediately jumped into the arms of the nearest adult. We definitely have some city slickers on our hands. They did enjoy seeing the animals though and couldn't wait to get back and tell Brad about how the chicken had attacked Emma.

The next morning, it was time to pack up and head home. Emma and Josh were completely worn out from the long weekend since they both crashed on the way home about an hour after lunch. By the time, they woke up, we were in Conway and they only had to endure ~30 more minutes in the car. We had lots of fun and I know Emma really enjoyed playing with Madison. Before long, Josh and Zach will be doing their thing as well and thankfully, it seems like Zach is going to be into trucks as much as Josh.

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