Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Treats!

Last year, Emma and I made a "gingerbread house" from a kit at Michael's but it was made out of foam board. While it might have been a little neater, where was the fun in that? This year I decided to let the kids make some gingerbread houses with all the good stuff, icing and candy! I super glued some graham crackers together the night before for our houses and the next morning let Emma and Josh go to work. I will note that they had to wait until after they ate decent breakfasts before being let loose with the candy. They both did a great job decorating and Josh especially enjoyed having a small bowl of M&M's within reach. I am fairly certain that for every M&M applied to his house, he ate at least 10. Emma has already requested a bigger house for next year.

In addition to gingerbread houses, we finally found some time two days before Christmas to make some Christmas cookies. While the past two years, Josh couldn't or didn't really participate, he was totally into decorating this year. Both kids did a fantastic job with the cookies and for the most part, every inch of the cookies were not coated with sugar.

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