Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cole Camp

Emma and Josh were lucky to have three separate Christmas celebrations this year as we ended out 2011 up in Cole Camp with Brad's family. I think the last time that we were all together was for Zach's baptism last April. When we arrived on Friday, Lesa, Chris and the kids were already there. Emma was so excited to see her cousin Madison and Josh loved the fact that the girls would go play together and leave him alone to play with his trucks. They had brought along their little dog Bailey much to the horror of both Emma and Josh. The first time Bailey came running out, they got into my lap before you could count to one. Thankfully they warmed up to Bailey and by Sunday, she could be around them without a leash. By Monday though, poor Bailey had probably had enough of my two since they were now chasing her trying to pet her and then hugging her.

Dale, Michelle and the boys arrived on New Year's Eve with Garret dressed like a giant Elf. The younger kids got such a kick out of his outfit and Josh wanted to call him Doodle. We had a great Christmas/New Year's feast. Again, all the kids exhibited great patience since there were lots of presents under the tree that I know they were dying to open. After a trip to Weaver's with Michelle and Lesa and then a quick bite to eat, it was time to tackle those presents. Emma was super excited and didn't want to wait to see what somebody had before moving on. We got her to calm down a bit and let the adults hand out the presents so then she either helped or watched with anticipation when somebody was opening a gift. Emma and Madison were definitely happy to help and excited to see what everybody had received. Emma got some new Barbies and stylish Barbie car, new puzzles and some new coloring books. You'll be surprised to learn that Josh got some new trucks. Brad is certain that we can now respond to any emergency be it by land, air or water. He also received some Rescue Heroes or big guys as he likes to call them. Once all the gifts were opened, it was time for bed much to the chagrin of Josh and Emma. The adults and Garret spent the rest of the evening sitting around and playing Words with Friends with each other on our respective phones. Do we know how to have fun or what? We did all make it to midnight but then it was lights out on a great Christmas/New Year's Eve!

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