Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Eve

Once again, our church had a Christmas Eve program that the children got to take part in. Unlike last year, where there was clearly some pre-planning and practice beforehand, this year's program was sort of thrown together at the last minute, which was painfully obvious. Right before we left for Arizona, I finally found out what songs Emma would need to know. Thankfully one was "Away in a Manger", which she had been singing at daycare. The other song was called "Jesus, Light of the World" and she needed to know the chorus. Whether she knew the words or not, Emma was just excited to get up in front of a crowd. Let's just say that somebody is not afraid of the spotlight.

By the time we got home from Christmas Eve service, it was about time for bed but first, Emma and Josh got some cookies and milk ready for Santa. They also had to say goodbye to Doodle our Elf who was returning to the North Pole. Emma and Josh blew Doodle kisses and then headed off to bed to sweet dreams of what Christmas Day would bring.

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