Monday, March 28, 2016

Disney Day 3 - Chef Mickey's and Epcot

After a late night, Day 3 got off to an early start since we had reservations for Chef Mickey's at 7 am at the Contemporary so we had to get the boat at 6:45.  Our normally, slow to wake girl was up and at it and Josh popped up as soon as we told him it was time to get ready.  Chef Mickey's was so much fun and the kids got to meet Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald.

We finished breakfast and got on the monorail to Epcot.  Our first stop there was Spaceship Earth, which Emma thought was amazing.  It was then time for Mission Space.  Josh had mentioned this ride before and really wanted to be the Commander.  Emma ended up as Pilot, Brad was Navigator and I was the Engineer.  There are two levels of intensity, green and orange (more intense).  We chose orange.  Josh and Brad thought it was the greatest thing ever.  Emma and I are good with being one and done.  She did enjoy the Mission Space Training Lab after the ride.  Little did we know that the ride made her stomach feel a little off until after Soarin', which everybody enjoyed.  She got off and said she was going to be sick so she and I tried to navigate the crowd as quickly as possible.  Fortunately, she did not get sick but it took a while for her stomach to recover.  We headed towards the World Showcase for lunch because Brad and I wanted fish and chips in England.  While there, Emma met Alice in Wonderland and both kids posed with Mary Poppins.  Mary put Josh in his place; wish we could take her with us all the time.

After lunch, it was time for Seas with Nemo and Friends where we spent some time afterwards in the aquarium area.  Then back to the World Showcase so Emma could meet on of her favorite princesses, Aurora.  While we were doing that, the boys went to Germany for a pretzel and also stopped in Japan, which is where Josh kept telling people he was from.  We ate dinner at the Coral Reef Restaurant and while not a character dining experience, it was cool getting to see the fish, turtles, sharks, rays and scuba divers swimming in the aquarium during dinner.  This was the one day that we got back to the resort early enough to do a little swimming.

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