Monday, March 2, 2009


Emma loves all the new space that she has to run around in at the new house (at least when the upstairs heater is working, which so far has been about 4 of the 9 days that we have lived there). The hardwood floors in the family room and kitchen are especially good for riding around on her little princess mobile. Of course, the little princess mobile is also good for demonstrating your skills as a daredevil (video clip to come tomorrow). The only problem with more space from my perspective is that there are more places to stash the pieces of various toys. Here are a few photos that Brad took of Emma one night last week in between dinner and bathtime/bedtime.

On a Mission


Thinking about Trouble

Preparing for Take-off

Good Jumping!

Taking Baby for a Ride

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Grandma Kate said...

Looks like Emma is constantly on the move, and from the video, I can see she has no fear. Good for Emma. Life may always be a sense of adventure.