Monday, March 9, 2009


As it turned out, Emma did have an ear infection last week. Since Emma was feeling pretty good and was fever free by Saturday morning, we loaded up the car and headed on up to Missouri for Maddie's baptism.

As predicted, Emma wasn't all that interested in her new cousin...unless Brad or I were holding her. Then, Emma wanted and needed to be picked up by whoever had the baby. She was on the go from the minute we let her out of the car until she went to bed on Saturday night. Her favorite part of the weekend was playing/tormenting Bailey, Lesa's dog. It all started when Emma got to walk Bailey outside.

For the rest of the evening and into Sunday morning, Emma would find the leash, bring it over to have somebody strap it onto Bailey's collar and off they would go in the house. At one point, Emma was walking circles around the island and would catch poor Bailey who was just standing there with this "Help me somebody, anybody!" look on her face. The next morning was feeding/walking and boy was Emma ticked when we made her leave to go to church.

It was funny on Saturday night though because we got Emma into her pajamas but she was still so wound up that we were going to give her a little while longer before putting her to bed. We come back out into the living room and Aunt Lesa says something about being ready for "night night" to Emma. Hearing the magical words, Emma turns on her heel and takes off for the bedroom. Lesa was like, "Where is she going?" to which we replied "Bed" since that is what you told her. She has got a good little memory though since we hadn't been there since Christmas and she still knew where to go to sleep. It was a short trip with way too much time in the car (just ask Emma) but we're so glad that we got to meet Maddie and witness her baptism.

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Linda Alyce said...

She is a natural with the leash. Give in Brad, give in.