Friday, March 6, 2009

Sick Girl

Emma developed a fever late Wednesday afternoon, which lasted into the wee hours this morning. Thankfully the fever seems to have broken and will hopefully stay away at this point so we can head up to Missouri for the baptism of Emma's little cousin Maddie. Brad is going to take her to the doctor this morning just to get her checked out and make sure that she doesn't have an ear infection (the fever had to come from somewhere). Emma is a very good patient when she is not feeling well. Give her a little Tylenol and she is good to go although she does like to sit in your lap and cuddle a bit more, which we don't get when she is 100%. In fact, that is how they figured out that she had a fever at daycare the other day; she came over and crawled into one of the teacher's laps to be held and rocked.

On another note, Emma led to the rearrangement of some of the furniture at daycare earlier this week. Previously there was table and some rocking chairs along the left wall as you look into the room. The swings were all along the wall opposite the door where there is a bank of windows that run the length of the wall. When we walked in Monday night, the swings were now along the left wall with the table closer to the door sort of in the middle of the room. I made a comment about how the room had been rearranged and was told that it was due primarily to our daughter. It seems that she was always trying to get to the windows and kept waking up the babies sleeping in their swings. Hey, a girl has got to know what is going on in the world, right?

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Grandma Kate said...

I love Emma's problem solving skills. She knew she wanted to see the outside world and figured out a way to do it. What a girl!!