Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Emma has two sentences, "Bye baby" and "Hi Daddy". Okay, so they are only two words each but we are very proud of her. Miss Andi at daycare also swears that Emma said Andi yesterday and I certainly wouldn't doubt it. There were two new classmates for Emma that started yesterday. One is about a month younger than Emma and the other will turn one in May. I guess the older one was having a little trouble adjusting yesterday so Emma did her best to comfort him. They said that she would go over to him and kind of pat him on the shoulder. She is the mother hen to her little brood in the nursery.

We finally got her carseat turned this weekend; we haven't been in a big hurry to do so but she was starting to get a little cramped facing backwards. She is so excited now to have room to swing those little legs all around. Also, now she has more room to shake her groove thing when a catchy tune comes on the radio. That head gets to shaking, lets get to kicking, and hands get to clapping. Last night while the tub was still filling up for her bath, Emma managed to turn on the shower; that was great fun until she actually walked under the stream of water and then the fun was done. Apparently, she doesn't like too much water in her face at once. We've got new photos and I promise to post some tomorrow.

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