Monday, April 27, 2009

17 Months Old

Emma is really trying to communicate more these days and her two key phrases are "There you go" or "Here you go". She has "thank you" down quite well so I think we need to start really working on "please". Emma is also starting to develop into the typical toddler with her tantrums although they don't happen that often. It is hard not to laugh though because she takes such care in laying herself down so that she won't get hurt before she proceeds to turn on the waterworks and kick those legs. They are usually short lived since we don't pay much attention. Just the other morning she started in on one and realized after about 5 seconds that nobody cared so she looked up and smiled. It was too funny!

Emma has become quite the little helper around the house. She loves to try and help sweep and will get us the broom if there seems to be a need. We have also increased our consumption of napkins as she is constantly wiping up her area while eating and if she happens to spill a little milk or water on the floor, she has to take care of it immediately. After dinner, she also likes to collect up all the dishes and then pass them to either mommy or daddy (usually mommy) to take to the sink. She even helped me empty the dishwasher last weekend, handing me the plates and bowls one at a time. I can't wait to see what she thinks of next. We also had a big month with visitors as Emma got to see Grandma Kate, Grandpa Jimbo, and Grandma Kristi. She impressed all of them with her new skills and hopes that they can come back again soon.

We finally got a little Easter egg hunting done yesterday, two weeks late. Emma had a great time collecting the eggs in her basket although she felt a little gypped to open them and find them empty. After the fun, she had to go see if Pocket (the dog next door) was outside; she stood at the fence and called for him. Finally, the neighbors just happened to let him out so Emma got to see her favorite dog. Here are some pictures of our 17 month old from yesterday afternoon.

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MaryBeth said...

These new picturese are great! She is just so stinkin' cute!!