Thursday, April 23, 2009

20 Week Ultrasound & Emma G.'s Fun with Grandpa Jimbo & Grandma Kristi

We had the big ultrasound this morning and it's a... In deference to Grandpa Jimbo, I will not post it here but the information can be found in other locations or by asking Brad and I directly. All I can say is good luck to Grandpa Jimbo if he thinks that nobody is going to slip in the next 20 weeks. Junior looked great and was measuring right on schedule at 19 weeks, 6 days and is 11 ounces. The doctor said that all the anatomy that they could measure looked perfect so it seems that we have a healthy little baby cooking so far. I will scan the profile photos tonight and post them later. I need to go back and look but when we saw Junior's profile, both Brad and I thought Junior was the spitting image of big sis. It is hard to believe that we are halfway there. I guess it goes a little faster when you have a toddler at home that you are constantly chasing after.

We got to spend one day with Grandpa Jimbo and Grandma Kristi this week since the weather in Denver cancelled their original travel plans last week. At any rate, we got one day and a beautiful day it was. We spent some time out back in the morning and then strolled down to the park in the afternoon. We were happy to oblige Grandpa Jimbo's need for a Mexican fix that night. Emma was especially happy since she got to enjoy some chips and salsa. She is the salsa queen (it is more sweet than spicy)! Here are a few photos of Emma at the park and a couple that include the Grandparents since we didn't get a lot of good ones.

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