Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jumping Ahead

Forget the nursery, forget the freshman class, Emma is jumping right on up there with the senior class (4 yr olds) at the nursery. She was being stubborn yesterday when it came to napping and in spite of Miss Ruth's best efforts to rock her into the land of nod, Emma wasn't having it. Finally Miss LeeAnn said that she would take her Emma dropped off at 1:30 and slept on a cot with the 4 yr olds. I am not really too concerned about where she naps as long as she gets that nap in. Emma and Daddy spent some time playing in her room on Sunday night. She still loves her tunnel although it has new purposes these days. Pay no attention to the absolutely filthy socks.

Looking out the window...a favorite pasttime.

Does this remind anyone of a scene from a famous movie?


MaryBeth said...

yes it does... "i'll get you my pretty!" that's my girls' favorite line.

Linda Alyce said...

I had blackfeet as a child, I mean Lava soap with added pumice might get them clean. She is growing so fast, who cares? Socks are cheap.