Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just Because

Emma had an Easter egg hunt yesterday at daycare and came home with two eggs due primarily to the fact that she was much more interested in the rocks. Miss Andi is probably Emma's favorite teacher at daycare. Emma has learned to say her name although she kind of drops the "A" and it is just the ndi part but I heard it with my own two ears yesterday morning. Apparentley when they are loading the big kids up in the big red buggy for a ride, Emma stands at the gate of the nursery yelling "Ndi, Ndi, Ndi". She does not want to be left out. As you could tell from the photos yesterday, Emma has really progressed with the use of her utensils and it has really been over the last week. In fact, while the fingers are still used a little bit, the focus is on the fork or spoon. This morning, she would only eat some banana if she could pick it up with the spoon. Here are a few new photos but remember, the family photographer is out of town so they aren't great.

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BradS said...

The pictures are beautiful...and the "family photographer" can't wait to get back home!