Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We Are the Champions!

Woo hoo! While it wasn't much of a game to watch, the Heels are the National Champions and I don't have to hear any "Rock Chalk Jayhawks" until next year! Emma is really getting the hang of the fork and spoon these days especially the scooping motion. Initially, she was solely a stabber but has learned that it is easier to get some things if you scoop. I got some photos this morning of her eating her yogurt all by herself that I will post tomorrow. In the meantime, here are a few more photos from this weekend. I was told by Brad that I needed to keep the blog updated this week so he could see Emma while he was gone. She was too cute on the phone with him last night; grinning and nodding her head. She did have a little bit to tell him about her day yesterday and said "Hi Da" and "Bye, bye". I was told that aesthetically, the shadow in the photos below is distracting but that is what happens when I am taking the photos and not Brad.


MaryBeth said...

Go Heels... and those are the most adorable pig tails ever!!

Lesa said...

She is adorable!! Oh yeah...I'll still say proudly "Rock Chalk Jayhawk"