Wednesday, August 26, 2009

21 Months

It is hard to believe that Emma is 21 months old and that last month was her last as an only child since Junior will be gracing us with his presence before she is 22 months old. Emma is getting to be such a big girl and I just love seeing all the changes. She is developing her hand/eye coordination and those fine motor skills have really come along. She loves buckling herself into her seat at the table or in the cart at the grocery store. She has worked on the car seat buckle but that one is a little tough. At least she can't get them off yet. Her vocabulary continues to develop and we have found that when she does start to have a bit of a tantrum, it is a lot easier to reason with her and talk her down.

Emma can be quite a little ham at times and she knows it. She was making some kind of funny face in the car yesterday on the way home. Both Brad and I started cracking up, which made her grin so big and then try and come up with something else that would make us laugh. Emma continues to be a big helper and will go get you shoes if she notices you need them or find a towel if some water got spilled for example. She will be quite the helper for us when Junior arrives. We are still working on the potty training although not pushing it really hard. She gets so proud when she does use the potty and while she has alerted us in time a few times, most of the time it is right after she has wet her diaper. We'll take it though because she is recognizing that she is wet and that is a start. I do foresee our toilet paper bill rising in the future.

A couple of our favorite new phrases are "Watch me" and most recently "I did it". For instance, she loves to go up near the top of the driveway and then run down it since it slopes. She'll get up there and then say "Watch me". Then she takes off and when she gets to the bottom, she looks at us and says "I did it". Happy 21 months Emma!

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