Monday, August 17, 2009


We were expecting a visit from our friends Anne, Sean, and Charlie on Saturday morning so Brad was going to try and sneak out of the house without Emma for a bike ride. What he found was that it is impossible to put anything over on her. She walked into the kitchen while he was filling his water bottles and immediately made the connection with biking. I can't remember what it was offhand but earlier that morning, she had made some reference to biking as though she knew it was Saturday and that is what she and daddy do on Saturday mornings. Thankfully it all worked out though and she was able to get in a ride with daddy and then have a nice visit with friends.

Last weekend I took Emma to the pool by myself since Brad wanted to get some painting done on her shelves. She was in the big pool, in the baby pool, in the big pool, in the baby pool, you get the picture. Also, Brad had failed to mention to me that she can easily open the gate on the baby pool so I couldn't contain her anywhere. Given that fun last weekend, I tried again this weekend and we had a great time on Saturday at the pool. She spent a lot of time in the baby pool playing with her bucket and shovel but we did do some swimming in the big pool as well. We tried to go again yesterday but things didn't go so well after an initial spill on the pool deck, which resulted in a bloody knee. We got in the pool for a few minutes after the bleeding ceased but Emma was more drawn to the playground so we headed over there. There was a little girl Nancy who is 3 1/2 playing with her grandpa. She kept saying to me "Watch me" to which my little monkey would then say "Watch me, Mama". She loves to hang from most anything these days and would say "Watch me" and then dangle from the low bar on the playground. When Bo and Grandma Kristi were here about a month ago, she couldn't reach the low bar by herself. I guess she has grown a bit. After playing for quite a while, we headed home and she had to go show daddy her "boo boo". I took her out of her car seat and she limped over to Brad. Mind you, there was no limping at the pool or on the playground but when she got home to daddy it appeared. It was funny because it would come and go for the rest of the night. What a total ham!


Grandma Kate said...

Sounds like it is hard to get anything by on Emma. What a smart little one, and a ham to boot.

MaryBeth said...

So funny! I bet hangin' with Emma is great fun these days!! How are you holding up?