Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mad Skill

Emma found a basketball in the garage the other day, albeit a very flat basketball but thankfully Brad had a needle for the pump and was able to return it to a nice, bouncy state. Emma then demonstrated for us her dribbling abilities. Mind you, the driveway is slanted a bit so it took her a little more work to actually dribble the ball but she did great. I don't think she did it in this clip but usually, she holds the ball up in the air, says "Two" and then lets go and starts to dribble.

This second clip is just funny because Emma is trying her best to get the basketball to "Stay there" but as I mentioned, the driveway is sloped so there wasn't much hope of that.


Linda Alyce said...

Awesome skills. Now for the ultimate debate, where does she go to play at the college level? KU, UA or UNC?

Grandma Kate said...

Emma has great motor skills and coordination. I see College scholarship offers for sports and academics!

Laura said...

No debate there. UA of course!