Friday, August 21, 2009


As it turns out, Emma loves Playdoh. I bought her some several weeks ago and we only had it out one time. However, since then, it has been sitting on the counter in the kitchen. Yesterday morning at breakfast, Emma looked over and said "I want Playdoh". I guess I didn't realize she knew what was in those little plastic containers but I really shouldn't have been surprised. Since we had some time, I indulged her and she played for a while before we had to head off to daycare and work. We got home early last night since I had gone to see the doctor and as soon as we walked in, she was in her seat going "I want Playdoh". She must have played with it for almost 45 minutes, which is the longest that Brad and I have ever seen her sit still. Just for comparison, when we picked her up from daycare yesterday, it was snack time and all the kids (minus one) were sitting quietly on a blanket eating their snack. The minus one would be Emma who was continually crawling off the blanket to go in search of who knows what but it involved looking under a table that obviously had nothing under it. Prepare now to be overloaded by Playdoh photos. Brad took a lot and there were too many cute ones to narrow it down farther than I already did.

In Junior news, as of yesterday, I am now 4 cm dilated and his head is way down. Come on little guy and make your appearance. Hopefully I won't be seeing my doctor next Thursday.


MaryBeth said...

Hang in there. He'll be here before you know it. Be prepared.... the minute they put that tiny baby in your arms Emma will instantly grow up. She will seem like such a big girl, so hold her close while she's still the baby for these next few days!

I love the playdough pics... my favorites are the ones with such concentration that her tongue is sticking out.

Grandma Kate said...

Good advice from Mary Beth! I also enjoy the pics of the ultimate in concentration.