Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Little Gardener

We (I) have been remiss in posting to the blog but honestly, there really hasn't been that much to report these days and we have been bad about taking photos of our little toddler in action. We tried to make up for it a bit this weekend and caught the future horticulturalist at work. Emma helped me water the tomatoes on Saturday and was hooked. She wanted to give them "more" but I finally convinced her that they were not thirsty anymore and we would give them more water on Sunday. Once again she was eager to help and did a very good job splitting the water between the two plants. As you will note especially from the next set of photos, no plants or flowers under Emma's care will ever go thirsty.

There is an area in the front yard that has ceased to grow grass so Brad decided just to extend the rock border over to that area. Brad thought it might be fun for Emma to help plant a few flowers there even though it is getting towards the end of the summer. The pickings were slim but we did find some pretty vincas to brighten up the wasteland that is that corner of the yard. Emma wasn't as much interested in the planting as she was in the spade. She was of course a major help when it came to giving them some water and give them some water, she did.

Did you know that you need to open your mouth real wide when watering the plants?

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Grandma Kate said...

Is there no end to this little one's interest and talents? Emma, you are amazing.