Monday, August 24, 2009

Emma's Weekend

Emma had a full weekend. She started off Saturday morning with her usual bike ride with Brad. While they were down at the river, they ran into Dr. Stacie (Brad's former boss) and talked to her for a while. Dr. Stacie hadn't seen Emma since her birthday in November so she has obviously changed quite a bit. Since we were having such a beautiful day, we spent a bit of time playing outside on Saturday afternoon. Emma made some delightful sidewalk art with her chalk, which she was still impressed by this morning, and then she showed us her basketball skills (videos to come). That evening, Emma went to a birthday party at the Wonder Place for one of her friends from school. It was a guaranteed hit and I am pretty sure that she didn't even realize a birthday party was going on. She did get her first attempt at a juice box and I think that she ended up wearing more of it than she actually drank.

Yesterday afternoon, we all headed down to the park. It is amazing how much Emma's interest in the different items at the park have changed since we started going there back in March. Of course, she is older and is much more adept at climbing. We no longer spend much time on the swings at all. Instead the trips are dominated by climbing the jungle gym, swinging from bars, trying to climb up and go down the big slide (still a major no no), and swinging on the tire swing. Much to my delight or dismay (I haven't decided), she can get herself onto the tire swing with ease these days. She had a great time swinging around and was cracking up laughing so hard. However, she hasn't learned that she does need to take a few moments to get her equilibrium back after getting off and took several tumbles to the ground. It didn't stop her from getting right back on and getting dizzy again.

Finally, here is the belly at 37 weeks, 2 days.

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