Monday, March 21, 2011

Five Randoms about Emma

1. Has an obsession with Daylight Savings Time and uses it as a go to excuse (along with my babies are having a rough night, keeping me awake, etc.) when she is laying in bed singing and talking instead of sleeping at night. Of course, the other night, she tried to pull the "I took a really good nap at daycare and I promise I'll take another one tomorrow." Seems she thought that was all the sleep she really needed!

2. Wants to know the meaning of everything and will break down words. For instance, using the word trophy as an example, she says "what does 'troph' mean" followed up by "what does 'y' mean?" I think we might need to start carrying around dictionaries with us.

3. Thinks she has a baby in her belly and when she is full, she'll say that her baby doesn't want any more or if she is hungry, she'll say her baby wants ... fill in the blank. She also talks about her baby kicking and punching her. *This all stems from her early morning chats with Mrs. Linda at school who is expecting a baby girl in May.

4. Is convinced that she can swim all by herself (see previous post). With her determination, I would say that it won't be long before she can!

5. Sometimes finds it hard being the big sister and being restricted from certain activities because Josh is too little to try said activity since Josh WILL try it if he witnesses his big sister doing it first.

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