Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shout Out to Uncle Paul!

I know this blog is 99.9999% devoted to Emma and Josh but since it is my blog, I want to give a little time to Uncle Paul! Paul has been living in China off and on and full time since 2002 or thereabouts when he first went over there to teach English, which means that we pretty much never see him. Unfortunately, he has only met Emma once and never met Josh other than through Skype and those times are rare between the craziness of his life and the time difference. An article from 2008 describes a typical day in the life of Paul. It states "Schoenbachler is the main man in China for Baja Motorsports." Of course, Baja Motorsports is no more but he still works for the parent company. I love the description of him in the next sentence; "The lanky 30-year-old Arizona native studied Chinese in college and set up shop in this manufacturing city about three years ago." Poor boy just can't put on any weight as he is like to remind me.

It has recently come to my attention that Paul ran his first half marathon. While he claims that he was not trained properly, I am certain that he did great! Thankfully my Mom passed on some photos that Paul sent to her from the race that I can share because it is prerogative, right? Congratulations Paul on your half marathon and know that we miss you and hope to see you sometime soon!

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Mom said...

So very sweet of you to devote a blog to Paul. I know he loves you, and misses not seeing his niece and nephew.