Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Josh is 18 Months Old!

We headed off to the doctor yesterday morning for Josh's 18 month check-up. He weighed in at 28 lbs (76th percentile) and was 33 1/2 inches long (82nd percentile). He is getting so big and will show you just how big if you ask. Also, if you ask to see his belly or just say the word belly within earshot, you'll get an eyeful. I asked his teacher Ms. Brandy how often they see his belly on a daily basis and her response was "all the time." Josh did manage to get out of one vaccination yesterday thanks to a fever but the doctor said it was not a big one and could be put off until his 2 year check-up. As I am sure that you are on the edge of your seats waiting to hear what else the little man has been up to the past month, without further ado, some highlights:

- We were having some trouble with squirrels eating all the bird food so Josh has learned to help chase them away by yelling "No No" and shaking his arm at them. The word "no" just entered his vocabulary last month and let's just say that it isn't only the squirrels that are at the receiving end of a "no".

- On the flip side, we do hear a fair share of "yeah" for yes when we ask him questions especially if we ask if he wants to go outside.

- He loves to say "bye bye" and wave when he is leaving or if somebody else is leaving. Like everything else though, this occurs only when he feels like it and not necessarily when prompted.

- When he says "Emma", it usually comes out as "Em-MA!" with a huge emphasis and increase in volume on the second syllable.

- He does a great impression of an elephant.

- Is extremely silly!

- Unlike Emma, Josh hasn't always been into books but he has definitely started to come around this month and without a doubt, Goodnight Moon, is his favorite book!

- Josh is so caring towards his sister. Mind you, he still likes to rile her up by stealing her toys but if she is hurt or not feeling well, he gets so concerned. Earlier in the month, Emma was a bit under the weather so while she was laying on the couch, Josh came over and patted her on the arm and said "OK" several times. Of course, he then tried to steal her blanket but he does care!

- The little guy is so good about putting his shoes away after we take them off. He has obviously watched closely to see where Brad or myself store them so he now picks them up and walks them over. Yesterday afternoon, I went looking for my shoes and wouldn't you know, Josh had picked them up and put them away for me where his shoes go. Josh is also very good about throwing trash away although he did take it a little too far when he picked up my empty water cup and decided to throw that away. Maybe he is trying to tell us we have too many plastic cups!

- He is all boy and has an inner burning need to bang and/or throw EVERYTHING! He is also so loud, which I don't necessarily want to attribute to being a boy thing but compared to Emma, he is loud. Of course, that may be the only way to get in a word over his talkative big sis. Thankfully the hitting in fits of anger seem to be decreasing somewhat. If he hits, I always tell him I want to see nice hands, which I had demonstrated by showing him how to gently pat my head. Now, if he hits and I ask for nice hands, he always needs to touch my head. It is pretty cute (not the hitting).

- Speaking of talking, Josh has definitely increased his vocabulary this month although some of it, you have to know the context or be around him enough to know the association but he is definitely trying and he is definitely trying to repeat words as well. When we were playing the other day, I caught him and said "gotcha." He immediately repeated "gotcha" as clear as day and then on the way home yesterday, Emma was talking about the light turning green and he was back there saying "geen, geen."

- He loves dogs but only from a distance like on the TV.

I could probably go on forever but those are some of the highlights. It was definitely another big month for Josh and I can't believe that we are already halfway through his second year!

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