Monday, March 28, 2011

19 Months Old

Here it is two days late even though I started this post on time for once. Ah well and on to the update:

Josh, you have knocked out one more month and getting closer to two with every day! I was told yesterday morning after church, "Your boy is mean." Apparently, dear Earl who speaks whatever is on his mind, saw you slap your sister. Now, I am not going to deny that you have a fiery little temper at times but what Earl didn't see is how sweet you are 99% of the time. Also, I think know that the hitting is out of frustration and have no doubt that things will improve as you can better communicate your feelings. Unfortunately, such behavior and the need to throw food/spoons/cups at meals has landed you in timeout this month. While you are not a fan, your sister relishes the fact that she is not the one in timeout.

At 19 months, you are working on at least three teeth and probably four. I wish they would hurry up and break through because as swollen as your gums are, they have to hurt. I am leaning towards placing the blame for your lack of desire to eat on teething and hope that once the teeth pop, you will eat better again. The whole teething business is also making you a little irritable at times so come on teeth!

Progress reports were given out last week at school and I just had to laugh when I saw yours. Other than a few checks for behaviors that are observable on a daily or weekly basis, there was nothing else on the report except a note that read "Josh didn't feel like testing this time." Apparently, Mrs. Brandy, Mrs. Michelle, and Ms. Colleen were all encouraging you to throw a ball while you just stood there and grinned at them. Emma has always wanted to please everybody but it seems clear that you are going to do things when you want to do them and how you want to do them!

You are picking up new words and trying to repeat different words that you hear but not necessarily using them on a regular basis. Of course you do have Emma to do all the talking for you so there doesn't seem to be a big rush! I have noticed you trying to sing songs complete with the hand movements that you learn at school and this morning I will swear that you said "A, B, C, D" while Emma was singing the ABC's. You continue to be a major monkey see, monkey do with everything! For example, if Emma is practicing her dance steps, you will try to copy her or if Daddy knocks on the table, you will knock on the table. You continue to be a total little ham and you know it. You also learned how to give a fist bump.

After a rough start with the first swim lesson, you have really come to enjoy getting in the pool. I will attribute that primarily to watching Emma in her class and seeing how much fun she is having. You also love to get in there and splash me or dump water on me. I think you are going to have a blast in the pool this summer! All in all, it has been a great 19th month and we look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

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