Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ER Visit

After almost 17 months without a visit to the ER, we decided that last night would be a good time to break that streak. I was sitting on the couch and Josh was standing beside me and had his arm hanging down between my leg. I was not squeezing it or anything but when he pulled it out, he evidently popped something out of place. The poor bubs started crying and screaming for an icy. He sort of calmed down and stopped crying sitting on my lap but as soon as you touched or moved his left arm, he was screaming in pain again. When he was calm, he kept telling us that it was his wrist that hurt; I was thinking I somehow broke the poor boy's wrist and couldn't figure out how that would have happened. After calming him down again, he told me in a said little voice "I'm okay" and asked for my phone. I handed it to him and when he tried to move his left arm to look at photos, the screaming and tears began again. At this point, Brad packed him up and headed to the ER. Fortunately they sort of fast tracked him through triage since he was hurting so much. After getting a description of the problem from Brad, the doctor diagnosed him with a clear cut case of Nursemaids Elbow. They manipulated it a bit and heard it pop back into place. The nurse then went to get him a Popsicle to distract him with and see if he would start using the arm again. If he used the arm, they were good to go; if not, it was off to x-ray. Fortunately once they popped the elbow back, he was fine. When they arrived home, Josh came walking up the stairs and when he saw me said "I'm okay Mommy, I'm okay." Apparently Brad did not prompt him to say that. Thankfully it was an easy trip to the ER and hopefully we can start our streak again and break 17 months this time around!

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