Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Zoo

Thanks to the relatively mild winter that we've had so far, we have been able to make use of our zoo membership in January and February. We generally have a route that we follow. We start at the lorikeets, then move to the lemurs followed by the chimps and gorillas. We then do a quick pass by the orangutan who is usually sleeping under a blanket. Then it is up to the python followed by the penguins, elephants, tigers, giraffes, you get the point! This last weekend though, we started on our usual loop but after the gorillas, Emma and Josh threw me for a loop. I asked where they wanted to go next and while Emma answered elephants, Josh responded "snakes." We rarely go into the snake house because they never ask so it was a nice change even if it did mean checking out a bunch of slithering reptiles. They also have some smaller monkeys in the reptile house that Emma was terrified of the last time we stepped foot in there. Last weekend, she felt so brave standing there watching them. I should note that they are behind a wall of glass but kudos to Emma on her new found bravery! She was also brave enough to go look at the giant tortoises, which I may not have mentioned before but they also terrify her. Mind you, this is the same girl who laughed when a huge male lion was up on his hind legs roaring at her. Josh's big fear last weekend was that the gorillas or lions would poop on him. I must say he was a little braver this last trip too and walked right up to the penguin exhibit without fear of the penguins swimming behind the glass. It is so amazing what is scary and what is not to a child. We love having a zoo so close by and can't wait until the cheetahs arrive this spring!

Emma, the Penguin

Josh thinking that he is as tall as Sissy...Note the hands in the penguin standing

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