Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Museum of Discovery

Last winter, the Museum of Discovery was closed for renovations. Before they closed, we had visited on several occasions and while the kids had fun, it definitely needed to be updated. After being closed for 9 months, the museum reopened in January. A couple of weekends ago, the kids and I headed over to check out the newly renovated Museum of Discovery and we were not disappointed. There is one area for kids 5 and under, which is where we started. I think this area is still a work in progress because it was pretty much the same. However, we spent a little bit of time in there before I urged Emma and Josh to check out the other exhibits with the promise that we could come back. As it turns out, they had so much fun in all the other exhibits that they never wanted to go back to that area.

There is so much more hands on then there was previously so even if they didn't completely understand, they loved all the things they could touch. In addition to all the exhibits, we also watched a science demonstration that Emma said was her favorite part. I tried to feed her the answers to the questions but she wouldn't shout them out. I think that the exhibit both kids liked the best was the one about the body. There is one area where you run in front of a screen and it tells you how fast you are, you can also check your balance, heart rate, how much blood is in your body and it goes on. By far, the favorite part of this exhibit to Josh was the area that demonstrated how fast a sneeze travels. There are doors that you open and when you do, you get sneezed on. He loved it and did it over and over and over again! As it turns out we didn't even get to see the entire museum before it was closing so we'll definitely have to make another trip.

Some of our favorite Sesame Street Friends!

Not sure they have a future in news since they were more interested in seeing themselves!

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